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Today we share Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Book Loving Horse.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Book Loving Horse.

Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern
Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern 26

Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern

Head-neck-trunk (this is one detail, but I’ll paint how to knit it in stages)
2p.6 increases -12
3p. (Pr, 1sbn) x6 – 18
4p. (2сбн, пр) х6 -24
5р.1сбн, пр, (3сбн, пр) х5,2сбн -30
9p. (Pr, 6sbn) x2, pr, 15sbn – 33 Additions in this row fall on the part of the detail, on which we will continue to knit the neck.
Start knitting the horse’s face
11r.vyazhem jumper from 10v.p., hook hook in 19 loop around the circle, 15sbn, reaching the chain, 10sbn (1sbn in each loop of the chain, behind the back of the pigtail) -25
13p.ub, 11sbn, ub, 10sbn – 23
14r. уб, 9сбн, уб, 10сбн – 21
18p10 addition, 11sbn-31
28r. (Уб, 4сбн) х5,1сбн – 25
29p. (Ub, 3sbn) х5,1сбн – 19
30r. (уб, 2сбн) х 5,1сбн – 13
31p. (Yb, 1sbn) х5,1сбн – 7
The hole is tightened. We stuff the horse’s face with a filler.

From the main part we have 18 loops + 10ths of a chain = 28 loops. We fix the thread to 10 sb from 18 – this will be the beginning of the series.
1p.1v.p. lifting, 1sbn in the same loop, 7sb, yb (one of the tables of the loss is for the head part, the second for the column, which is tied on the bridge), 8bb, yb (do the same as the first), 8bn (26)
2р.8сбн, уб, 6сбн, уб, 8Сбн (24)
3р.8сбн, уб, 4ббн, 8ббн (22)
4p. 8 сбн, уб, 2сбн, 8сбн (20)
11p (1sbn, pr) x2.12sbn, (pr, 1sbn) x2 (24)
12-15р.24 сбн
At this stage, knitting the neck ends and go to knitting the torso.
1p. dial 10в.п. on the center of the neck, 9sbn in 2n from the hook, 32sbn on the neck, 9sbn along the chain vozd.petel, increase (45)
2p. (7сбн, пр) х5, 4сбн, 3сбн in 1 (53)
3p. (6sbn, pr) x7, 7sbn, 3pr (63)
4p. (9ббн, пр) х6, 5сбн, (пр, 1сбн) х3 (72)
5p. 65 сбн, (2сбн, пр) х2, 1сбн (74)
6p. (pr, 8) x7, pr, 7sbn (82)
7-10p. 82cb
11p. (уб, 8сбн) х7, уб, 7сбн (74)
12-14r. 74sbn
15r. (уб, 7сбн) х7, уб, 6сбн (63)
16r. (уб, 4сбн) х9, уб, 2сбн (53)
17r. 14sbn, (yb, 1cbn) x5, 12cb, (yb, 1cbn) x3 (45)
18р уб, 1сбн etc. up to the end of the row, fill the trunk with filler very tightly so that all the bends are leveled. Make a seam.
Nostrils (2 items)
3в.п., in the third loop from hook 6сбн – in a ring to not connect . Leave the thread to sew.

1-23 = 6p
24- to make 2ub (4)
25-31 = 4p tighten the thread
Measure out the desired piece of wire, insert it into the tail and sew it to the body, bending it, like in the photo. Brush at the end is easy:
cut 8-10 pieces of yarn about 4cm, pull the threads in the middle, and then at the top of the brush dome. Sew her tail tip.
Eyes (2 parts) – white yarn
1p – 6 sb in the ring amigurumi
2p – (pr) x 6 times = 12 sb
3p – (1сбн; пр) х 6 times = 18 сбн
4р – (2сбн; пр) х 6 times = 24 сбн
5p – 6p – 24 sbn each
7р – (2 сбн; уб) х 6 times = 18 сбн
Leave the thread to sew. Sew a half-eye, tightly fill the part, sew the remainder of the eye. Try it on, then sew on the bead pupils.
Eyelashes (2 parts)
9set, 1cc in 2p., 1sbn, 1pst, 1stsn, 1pst, 1sbn, 1ss – leave the thread for sewing

Upper = 9n – 1ss, 2sbn, 3sbn in 1p, 2sbn, 1ss
Lower = 9п-1сс, 2сбн, 3стсн in 1п, 2сбн, 1сс
Ears (2 parts)
1p. 4sbn in the ring amigurumi (4)
2p (increment, 1cb) x2 (6)
3p. (an increase, 2сбн) х2 (8)
4p. (an increase, 3сбн) х2 (10)
5p. (increase, 4bn) x2 (12)
6p. (increase, 5bn) x2 (14)
7p. (increase, 6bn) x2 (16)
8p (increase, 7bn) x2 (18)
9p. (7cb, decrease) x2 (16)
10p. (6cb, decrease) x2 (14)
11p. (5cb, decrease) x2 (12)
12p. (4cb, decrease) x2 (10)
13p. (3cb, decrease) x2 (8)
14p. (2cb, reduction) x2 (6)
15-18r. 6sbn
Leave a piece of string for sewing.

Make a pompom out of the desired color and sew to the head.
Hind legs (2 pieces)
1p. 5noz.p, 2sbn in 2 from the hook loop, 3bn in the next. 3в.п., 3сбн in the last loop, turn, the first loop is passed, 2сбн (10)
2p. 4bn, 4sbn in 1, 4bn, 4bn in 1, 3 sbn (16)
3p. 2sbn, 3sbn in 1, 8cb, 3cb in 1, 4sbn (20)
4-8r. 20sbn
9p. 4ббн, уб, 9сбн, уб, 4сбн (19)
10r. 13сбн, уб, 4ббн (18)
11p. 4сбн, уб, 7сбн, 3ммест, 2сбн (15)
12r. 11сбн, 3 вмест, 1сбн (13) Approximately in this row it is necessary to fill a leg with a filler, forming a flat part.
13r. 9bn, 3 together, 1sbn (10)
15r. 3ббн, уб, 3сбн, уб (8)
16-20r. 8сбн
21р.4сс, 4пссн (8)
22r. 4ss, 4pss (8)
23-30r. 8сбн
31p. 1ub.ss, 2ss, 1ub.pssn, 2pss (6)
32r. 3ss, 3pcc (6)
33-40р 6сбн (in this place it is necessary to cut off the thread of the easter color, changing it to black or brown)

41р 6 addition (12)
42r. 5bn, 3bn in 1, 3cb in 1, 3cb, (2cb in 1) x2 (18)
43r. 3ss, 4sbn, (2cb in 1), 4sbn, 5ss (20)
44r. 4ss, 11cb, 5ss (20)
45r. 3 together, 11 сбн, behind the back wall of loop- 2sbn, * уб, 3vmeste, уб *, 2сбн, repetition from * to *, 1ss. The legs are both front and rear in our skeleton, so before pulling the hole, measure the piece of wire thicker, wrapping the ends with adhesive plaster.
Fill the hoof with a filler, pull off the loop with a hook or needle. Puncture the hoof with a needle through, pulling the lower part and giving it a flat shape.
The second leg is tied in a mirror image! Do not forget about this J
Front legs (2 pieces)
1p. 6sbn (amigurumi ring)
2p. 6 addition (12)
3p. (1сбн, пр) х6 (18)
4-8p 18sbn
9p. (1cb, yb) x6 (12)
10-12r. 12сбн Fill the foot with filler, forming a flat part.
13r. 5sbn, 3 together, 4sbn (10)
15r. 3ббн, уб, 3сбн, уб (8)
16-20r. 8сбн
21r. 4pss, 4ss (8)
22r. 4pss, 4ss (8)
23-30r 8sbn
31p. 1up.pssn, 2pssn, 1ub.ss, 2ss (6)
32r. 3pss, 3ss, (6)
33-40r 6sbn
The thread is cut off and we knit the hoof (41-45) with black or brown color without changes. Frame do the same as the hind legs.
Girls, the horse is cartoon and assumes a fixed position, as in the photo. BUT! It is possible to make it and stand up, having connected legs or foots dr.sobom if someone needs, I can paint.
Horse in other angles:

2630A641 E162 4Db6 842C 2E0D12F45D0C Min
Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern 27
3657Be1B 06E2 429B B5A8 A03F446Ca46E Min
Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern 28
Fda22Dd2 48E4 48A4 8Eb6 7A8Ea1Dd7E23 Min
Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern 29
7Cf2800D De0E 413E Abb5 F951D0Acb31A Min
Amigurumi Book Loving Horse Free Pattern 30

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