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Today we share Amigurumi Small Monkey Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Small Monkey.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Small Monkey.

Amigurumi Small Monkey Free Pattern

Materials: Hook № 3, yarn: Light pink, dark pink, red, yellow, white and blue. Holfayber for filling the height of the monkey-12.5 cm

Amigurumi Small Monkey Free Pattern

Body and Head
Row 1: blue color. VP 2, 6 in the second chain (net) off the hook. (6)
Row 2: (d) х6. (12)
Row 3: (1 SBN, D) х6. (18)
Row 4: (2 SBN, D) X6. (24)
Number 5-9:24 Row 10: (2 SBN, UB) x6. (18)
Number 11:18 Row 12: (1 SBN, UB) х6. (12)
Number 13:12 Number 14: (d) х12. (24)
Number 15: (1 SBN, D) X12. (36)
Series 16: (2 SBN, D) х12. (48)
Number 17-19:48
Number 20: (6 SBN, UB) х6. (42)
Number 21: (5 SBN, UB) х6. (36)
Number 22: (10 SBN, UB) х3. (33)
Number 23: (9 SBN, UB) х3. (30)
Number 24-25:30
Row 26: (3SBN, UB) х6. (24)
Number 27: (2SBN, UB) х6. (18)
Number 28: (1SBN, UB) х6. (12)
Number 29: (UB) х6. (6)
Series 30: Work in the ranks 
For Crown Hair: 4 v. P, in the 2nd VP of the Hook, sat in the next 2 VP, sat in the next junction of the column, 6 v. P, in the 2nd C. Sweat hook, in the next 4 v. P, in the next connection of the column, 3 v. P, in the 2nd C. Sweat hook , in the next v. N, in the next junction of the column, SS connection of the column in the next junction of the column. Anchoring.
Tummy: Work in the ranks.
Row 1: Dial 5 v. P, the 2nd VP from the Hook, sat on in the next 3 v. N, turn (4)
Series 2: v. P, 4 Snr, turn.
Row 3: VP, 2 SBN in the first loop, 2 SBN, 2 in the last loop, turn (6)
Series 4-6: v. P, 6 SBN, turn.
Row 7: VP 1, UB, 2 SBN, UB. Leave the long end in order to sew. (4)
Tummy Sew 5-12 body ranks.

Legs (2 pcs)
Row 1: Red, 4 VP, 1 in 2nd of the hook, 1 in the next VP, 3 in the subsequent VP; Knit on the other side of the chain, 1 SBN in the next VP, 2 SBN in the next VP (8)
Series 2: Ave, 1 SBN, (d) х3, 1 SBN, (d) х2. (14)
Number 3:14
Number 4:3 SBN, (1 SBN, UB) х4, 3. (10)
Number 5:2, (1 SBN, UB) х3, 2 SBN. (7)
Number 6:7 Change to Blue on the last 2 loops of the last junction of the column
Series 7: Knit behind the rear walls.
Number 8-10:7 SBN.
Row 11: We are slakered in half and we are pressed on the 5th row of the body.

Tail not stuffing
Row 1: Yellow, 2 VP, 4 in the 2nd C. Sweat Hook. (4)
Number 2-6:4
Row 7: Knit in a circle, change the blue bloom in the last two loops of the last junction of the column
Series 8:-164.
Row 17: In half and knit.
In the 5th row of the body, the hand (2 pieces) is not filled with the
Number 1: blue color, 2v. P., 6, 2nd C. pot hook. (6)
Number 2-11:6
Row 12: SBK around, change to light pink in the last two loops of the last junction of the column
Range 13:6 SBN.
Row 14-for thumb-2sbb in the 1st loop, skip 4 loops, 2 on the trail loop. Connect the 1st loop. Fasten the row 14 for the hand-light-rose yarn to attach a free loop in the 13th row, 1VP, 2SBB in the same loop, 3 Prib = 8
Series 15:8
Number 16: UB in a circle. Sew to the body.

Eyes (2 pcs)
Row 1: Light pink, 2 VP, 6 down to 2nd off hook. (6)
Row 2: (d) х6. (12)
Fasten the Connect as shown in the picture.
Attach them on 20-24 to a row of the head and sew the

Row 1: Light pink color, 12 VP, 1 per second from the hook, 9 SBN, 3 down the next VP; Knit on the other side of the chain, 9 SBN, 2 SBN in the next VP (24)
Row 2: OL, 9 SBN, (d) х3, 9 SBN, (d) X2. (30)
Number 3-4:30
Row 5: Down and connect the SS with a column.
Sew on 15-19 rows of the head, fill.

Eyes (2 pcs): White, 2 v. P, 6 s2u from the hook. (6)

Ear (knit on 2 each color (dark pink and Blue):
A series of 1:2 V.P., 6 SBN 2 from the hook (6)
Connect the two ears (pink and blue), and tie the
Blue Thread: v. P, 1 SBN, D, (1SBN, D) х2. (9) Finish Sew your eyes on the face, black thread, and above your nostrils and mouth. Sew your ears on the 21st row. That’s all. The monkey, which will connect and the novice knitter, is ready. Description found on the Internet. Cute gift or toy for your beloved baby. Though why the kid-monkey crochet will love both adults, and schoolgirls, and students. As a gift for Valentine’s Day in general will not be equal. Make a symbol like a heart or something suitable for the occasion and everything is in the open. The author of the Monkey is still unknown. We will be grateful if it will be announced. Together with our enthusiasm and spassiami.