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Amigurumi Pink Bear Free Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Followers
Today we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern again for you. As you know we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. The main crochets are amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi llama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi lambs, amigurumi bees, amigurumi unicorns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi foxes, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Pink Bear.
I want to give you some informations about this pattern ;

1.6sb in 
3-5. 12sbn Tie the 
second leg. 

Body, Head. 
Connect the legs. 
1. 12sbn on the last leg, 12vp, 12sbn on the 2nd leg, 12sbn on the chain, 12sbn on the leg, 12sbn on the chain, 12 sbn on the leg. 
We put a marker. (48) 
7-29. 48sbn 
30. (6sbn, ub) * 6 (42) 
31-32. 42 
33. (5sbn, ub) * 6 (36) 
34. 36sbn 
35. (4sbn, ub) * 6 (30) 
36. 30sbn 
37. (3sbn, ub) * 6 (24) 
39. (2sbn, K) * 6 (18) 
40. (1sbn, K) * 6 (12) 
41. 6ub. 

1.6sb in 
3-12. 12sbn 

1.6sbn in ka 
3. 12sbn 

1.4vp, knit with 2nd from the hook.
2.3sbn in 1p, 1sbn, 3sbn in 1p, 1sbn. (8), 1sbn, pr, 2sbn, pr, 1sbn, pr, 2sbn. (14) 
4. 1sbn, pr, 1sbn, pr, 4sbn, ave, 1sbn, ave, 3sbn. (18) 
Sew on the head. Embroider nose. 
Eyes between 33 and 32 near.

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