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Today we share Amigurumi Santa Claus Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Santa Claus.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Santa Claus.

Amigurumi Santa Claus Free Pattern-1

New Year is around the corner! 
Dogs are already connected and waiting for their will give:) 
And what else to invent-such a new year and wonderful, magical and good? 
And the image of grandfather Frost from childhood comes to mind. 
It is so waiting for all the children, waiting for gifts, magic and many-many amenities. We are adults, but to us, as well as to our children, it is desirable in our life magic and good, fairy and magic. 
I suggest you link this original Santa Claus:) 

If there is no special instructions, the toy is knitted for both walls of a loop. 
In some of the series, special instructions are given: “Knit behind the front wall” or “behind the back wall”. In this case, you must follow these instructions. 
The toy is connected in a spiral.
D-from one loop we have two
RVN-a column without a scale;
UB — We put two columns together;
PRSs-a column with a scale;
PSN is a half-column with a scale;
VP-Air Loop;
SS is a connecting column.

Materials for making toys:
-Hook 1.75;
-Yarn-Any, I have YarnArt 50g/150m (red, white, pink and black)
-For snowflakes-VITA cotton COCO
-For Beard-Swan’s fluff from
NAZAR Filler
-Super-glue and pin glue;
-Plastic eyes
-Wire 1mm and 1.5 mm

Amigurumi Santa Claus Free Pattern-1

Boots (2 pcs).
1st row: 10VP, from the second loop-ol, 7SBN, then 4SBN in the last loop, turn and knit on the other side-7sbn, d = 22SBN
2nd row: 2d, 7SBN, 4d, 7SBN, 2d = 30SBN
3-6 Series: 30sbn
7th row: 11SBN, 2ub, UB from 3SBB, 2ub, 8SBB
8th row: 7SBN, skip 18sbn, 5SBH = 12sbn.

10 8

The formed hole is then to sew.
9 – 17 Rows: 12sbn. Tie the top of the shoe with textured yarn. Fasten the thread.
Cut off the 21cm wire 1.5 mm, bend and wrap any yarn (I pasted on the contact glue).

9 10

Insert the workpiece in the boot, sew the hole and tie the textured yarn

8 12

Take the pink yarn.
1st row: 6SBN in the ring of Amaguumi
2nd row: 6d = 12SBN
3rd row: (1SBN, d) * 6r = 18SBN
4th row: (2SBB, d) * 6r = 24SBN
5th row: (7SBB, d) * 3r = 27SBN
6 – 10 Rows: 27sbn
11th row: (7SBB, UB) * 3r = 24SBN
12th row: (2SBB, UB) * 6r = 18SBN
13th row: Behind the back wall of the loop (1SBB, UB) * 6r = 12SBN
14th row: 6ub. Thread to fasten and hide.

7 12

1st row: Connect the thread to the 13th row and Dial 18SBN
2nd row:  Behind the back wall of the loop 18SBN
3rd row: (2SBB, d) * 6r = 24SBN
4th row: 24sbn
5th row: (3SBN, d) * 6r = 30SBN
6 – 12 Rows: 30sbn
13th row: (3SBB, UB) * 6r = 24SBN
14th row: (2SBB, UB) * 6r = 18SBN
15th row: (1SBN, UB) * 6r = 12SBN
16 Series: 6ub. Thread to fasten and hide.

6 14


1st row: Connect the thread to the 2nd row of the Body and Dial 18SBN
2nd row: (5SBN, d) * 3r = 21SBN
3rd row: (6SBN, d) * 3r = 24SBN
4th row: (7SBB, d) * 3r = 27SBN
5th row: (8SBB, d) * 3r = 30SBN
6th row: (14SBN, d) * 2r = 32 SBN
7th row: (7SBN, d) * 4r = 36 SBN
8th row: (8SBB, d) * 4r = 40SBN
9th row: (9SBN, d) * 4r = 44 SBN
10th row: (10SBN, d) * 4r = 48 SBN
11th row: (11SBN, d) * 4r = 52 SBN
12th row: (12SBN, d) * 4r = 56 SBN
13th row: (13SBN, d) * 4r = 60SBN
14th row: (14SBN, d) * 4r = 64 SBN
15th row: (15SBN, d) * 4r = 68 SBN
16 Series: (16SBN, d) * 4r = 72 SBN
17th row: (17SBN, d) * 4r = 76 SBN
18 Series: (18SBN, d) * 4r = 80SBB
19 Series: (19SBN, d) * 4r = 84 SBN
20 Series: (20SBN, d) * 4r = 88 SBN
21 Series: (21SBN, d) * 4r = 92 SBN
22nd row: (22SBN, d) * 4r = 96 SBN
23rd row: (23SBN, d) * 4r = 100 SBN
Take the wire thinner, measure the length of the dress and wrap the yarn tips (I have a length of wire-40 cm)

5 13

Tie together with the Wire 24 row: (24SBN, d) * 4r = 104 SBN. Cut and fasten the thread.

4 16

Hands (2 pcs.)

Take the yarn of white color.
We start knitting with mittens.
1st row: 6SBN in the ring of Amaguumi
2nd row: (1SBN, d) * 3r = 9SBN
3rd row: 9sbn
4th row: 3VP, back to chain 2SBN, SS (it will be finger), 8SBH = 9SBN
5th row: 9sbn
6th row:  6SBN. Thread, we’ll tie the top of mittens.
Take a red thread and continue to knit
7th row: 
Behind the rear wall of the loop 6SBB.
Take the thread that we left and tie the top of the mittens-1SBN, d = 9sbn. 
Cut and fasten the thread. We continue to knit red yarn.
8-10 Series: 6sbn
11th row: 6SBN White
12-13 Series:  6SBN Red
14th row: 6SBN White
15-16 Series: 6SBN Red
17th row: 6SBN White
18-19 Series: 6SBN Red
20 Series: 6SBN White
21-22 Series: 6SBN Red
23rd row: 6SBN White. Cut and leave the thread for stitching.

8Fa9Ee8C 81E7 42Ae 9420 Cd1068522Fac

1st row: 6SBN in the ring of Amaguumi
2-4 Series:  6sbn 
5th row:  D, 5SBN = 7SBN
6-7 Series: 7sbn 
8th row: D, 6SBH = 8SBN
9-10 Series: 8sbn 
11th row: D, 7SBH = 9SBN
12-13 Series: 9sbn 
14th row: D, 8SBN = 10SBN
15-16 Series: 10sbn 
17th row: D, 9SBH = 11SBN
18-19 Series: 11sbn 
20 Series:  D, 10SBH = 12SBN
21-22 Series: 12sbn 
23rd row: D, 11SBH = 13SBN
24-25 Series: 13sbn 
26th row: D, 12SBH = 14SBN
27-28 Series: 14sbn 
29th Row: D, 13SBH = 15SBN
30-31 Series: 15sbn 
32 Series: D, 14SBN = 16SBN
33-34 Series: 16sbn 
35 Series: D, 15SBN = 17SBN
36-37 Series: 17sbn 
38 Series: D, 16SBH = 18SBN
39-40 Series: 18sbn 
41 Series: D, 17SBH = 19SBN
42-43 Series: 19sbn 
44 Series: D, 18SBN = 20SBN
45 Series: (d, 9SBN) * 2r = 22SBN
46 Series: (d, 10SBB) * 2r = 24SBN
47 Series: (PR, 11SBB) * 2r = 26SBN
48 Series: (d, 12SBN) * 2r = 28SBN
49 Series: (d, 13SBN) * 2p = 30SBN
50 Series: 30SBN thread cut off leave for stitching

3 15

1st row: Gain 14 VP and reach 13SBN.
2-3 Series: 13SBN. Fasten the thread.

Hair. (Swan fluff from NAZAR)
1st row: Dial 27VP and reach 26SBN.
2nd row: 26SBN. Fasten the thread.

1st row: 6SBN in the ring of Amaguumi
2nd row: 6. Leave the thread to be pressed.

1st row: Dial 71 of the EAP and reach 70SBN.
2 -3 Series: 70SBN. Fasten the thread.

To collect on a thread a hat to get folds, to sew to a head of the grandfather. 
Sew the nose, hair and beard, sew the handles. 
Glue the eyes, insert and glue the legs.
You can decorate the dress snowflakes, now a lot of schemes are on the Internet.
Light eyelets:)
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