Hello dear Amigurumi Followers
Today we share Amigurumi Hippo Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Hippo.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Hippo.

Amigurumi Hippo Free Pattern


KA – amigurumi 
vp ring – air loop of the 
SBS – a column without a nakida 
pr – an increase (two columns in 1 loop) 
pr3 – 3 sbn in one loop 
ub – a decrease (2 sbn we knit together) 
ub3 – a decrease (3 sbn we knit together) 
ss – a connecting column 
PSN – half column double crochet 
– double crochet
prSSN – increase from CCH (two CCH in one column) 
ass. n. – rear loop 
lane. n. – front loop 
(…) x – repeat the instruction in brackets (…) for x times The toy knits in a spiral, unless otherwise indicated. 

Materials and tools:  

threads of the main color about 50 grams; 
a little thread of color of mane and tail; 
2 beads or half-beads of black color or a few black threads for the eye; 
a hook of a suitable size; 
plastic canvas or cardboard for insoles; 
yarns for clothes (optional); 
sewing needle. 


Bn – air loop; 
stb – a column without a crochet; 
pr – an increase: 2 columns without a crochet, tied in one loop; 
уб – reduction: 2 columns without a crochet, tied together; 
ss – connection column; 
() xN – what is described in parentheses repeat N times. 

Amigurumi Hippo Free Pattern


* The beginning of the series is the middle of the face. If the marker is displaced, we knit the offset loops to align the knitting. 

Dial 10 bp starting from the second loop from the hook: 
1p: 8 sb, 3 sb at the last, on the other side of the chain 7 sb, pr (20) 
2p: pr, 7 sbn, 3pr, 7sbn, 2pr (26) 
3p: 1sbn (pr, 1sbn) x3, 7sbn, (pr, 1sbn) x2 (32) 
4p: 2sbn, pr, 8sbn, pr, 4sbn, pr, 12sbn, pr, 2sbn (36) 
5p: (5sbn, pr) x6 (42) 
6p: (6sbn, pr) x6 (48) 
7p: (7sbn, pr) x6 (54) 
8p: 2sbn, pr, 20sbn, (pr, 2sbn) x2, pr, 20sbn, pr, 2sbn (60) 
9 – 12pp: 60sbn 
13p: 2sbn, уб, 20сбн, (уб, 2сбн) х2, уб, 20сбн, уб, 2бб, уб (54) 
14р: ​​54сбн 
15р: 2сбн, уб, 17сбн, (уб , 2сбн) х2, уб, 17сбн, уб, 2сбн, уб (48)
16 – 17pp: 48sbn 
18p: (6sbn, уб) х6 (42) 
19 – 22рр: 42сбн 
23р: 2сбн, уб, 11сбн, (уб, 2сбн) х2, уб, 11сбн, уб, 2ббн, уб (36) 
24 – 26rp: 36sbn 27r 
: 2sbn, pr, 29, pr, 2sbn, pr (39) 
28 – 30rr: 39sbn 
31p: 2cb, pr, 32, pr, 2cb, pr (42) 
32p: 42sbn 
33p: (5bb, xp (36) 
34p: (4cb, yb) x6 (30) 
35p: (3cb, yb) x6 (24) 
36p: (2cb, yb) x6 (18) 
37p: (1cb, yb) x6 (12) 
38p: 6ub. 
The thread is fastened, cut and hidden inside the part. 

Body (from top to bottom)  

2 in 
1p: 6sbn into the second loop from the hook 
2p: 6pr (12) 
3p: (1sbn, pr) x6 (18) 
4p: (2sbn, pr) x6 (24)
5p: 24sb for the rear arcs of the loops (place of sewing to the head) 
6 – 10p: 24cb 
11p: (7sbn, pr) x3 (27) 
12 – 13pp: 27cb 
14p: (8cb, pr) x3 (30) 
15p: 30sb 
16p: (9bn, pr) x3 (33) 
17p: 33sbn 
18p: (10cb, pr) x3 (36) 
19p: (5sbn, pr) x6 (42) 
20p: 42sbn 
21p: (6sbn, pr) x6 (48) 
22 – 23rp: 48sbn 
24p: (7sbn, pr) x6 (54) 
25 – 27pp: 54sbn 
28p: 3cb, (2cb, pr) x6, 33sbn (60) 
29 – 34pp: 60sbn 
35p: (8cb, yb) x6 (54)
36p: (7сбн, уб) х6 (48)
37р: (6сбн, уб) х6 (42) 
38р: (5сбн, уб) х6 (36) 
39р: (4сбн, уб) х6 (30) 
40р: (3сбн, уб) ) x6 (24)
41p: (2сбн, уб) х6 (18) 
42р: (1сбн, уб) х6 (12) 
43р: 6уб. 
The thread is fastened, cut and hidden inside the part. 

Ears (2 parts)  

2 Bn 
1p: 6sbn second loop from the hook 
2p: 2np, 4sbn (8) 
3p: 8sbn 
4p: 2np, 6sbn (10) 
5p: 10sbn 
6p: 2np, 8sbn (12) 
7p: 2np, 10sbn (14) 
8p: 2np, 12sbn (16) 
9p: 2np, 14sbn (18) 
10p: 18sbn 
11r: 2np, 16sbn (20sbn) 
12p: 20sbn 
13P: 2ub, 16sbn (18) 
14P: 2ub, 14sbn (16) 
yarn fasten and trim, leave a long end for sewing. 

Hands (2 parts)  

10in, starting with the second from the loop hook:
1p: 8sbn, 3cb in the last, untwist the knitting and continue on the other side of the chain 7sbn, pr (20) 
2 – 4pp: 20sbp 
5p: (9sbn, pr) x2 (22) 
6p: 22sbn 7p: yb 
, 7sbn, 2ub, 7cb , уб (18) 
8р: 18сбн 
9р: уб, 5сбн, уб, 9сбн (16) 
10 – 23рр: 16сбн 
24р: уб, 4ббн, 2уб, 4ббн, уб (12) 
25р: 6уб The 
thread is to be fixed, cut and hidden inside the part . 

Legs (2 pieces)  

Dial 10 in, beginning with the second loop from the hook: 
1p: 8 sb, 3 sb at the last, on the other side of the chain 7 sb, pr (20) 
2p: pr, 7 sb, 3pr, 7sbn, 2pr ( 26) 
3p: 1sbn, pr, 8sbn, pr, 3sbn, pr, 8sbn, pr, 2sbn (30) 
4p: 2sbn, (pr, 4sbn) x5, pr, 2 sb (36)
Circle the sole and cut 2 identical insoles (slightly less than the sole) from thick cardboard or plastic canvas (I cut out of a plastic lid) 
5p: 36sbn for the rear arcs of loops 
6-8p: 36sbn 
9p: 12sbn, ub, (3sbn, ub) x2, 12sbn (33) 
Insert the insole 
10p: уб, 10сбн, 2уб, 1сбн, 2уб, 10сбн, уб (27) 
11р: 7сбн, 6уб, 6сбн, уб (20) 
12-25рр: 20сбн 
26р: (3сбн, уб) x4 (16) 
27р: (2сбн, уб) х4 (12) 
28р: 6уб The 
thread is fastened , cut off and hidden inside the part. 

Toy collect, focusing on the photo. To decorate the face, glue the eye-beads. If there are no ready ones, then the eyes can be embroidered or tied from 6 sbn to the amigurumi ring. 


16vp, 15 sbn on them (starting from the second one from the hook of the loop) 
Along the edges of the chain, fasten fringes of 3 threads to each bobbin. Sew to the head and neck. 

For the tail, cut 20 pieces of thread is 2 times longer than the required length of the tail. Bind in the middle and attach to the body. 

A horse should be worn at will. 
Knit with pleasure!