Hello dear Amigurumi Followers
Today we share Amigurumi Duck Flower Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Duck Flower.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Duck Flower.

Amigurumi Duck Flower Free Pattern-1

Materials used:
• New baby yarn (50g/200m)
• Hook 1.5 mm.
• Half beads black d=6 mm.
• Hollofiber or sintepukh
• Scissors, Stitching needle
• Adhesive gel second
• Plastic circle d=30 mm.

MR: Magic ring
Sc: Single crochet
Slst: Slip stitch
Inc: Increase
Dec: Decrease
FLO: Front loops only
BLO: Back loops only

Amigurumi Duck Flower Free Pattern:

Head and Body
Rnd 1. MR 6 sc
Rnd 2. 6inc (12)
Rnd 3. (1 sc, inc)*6 (18)
Rnd 4. (2 sc, inc)*6 (24)
Rnd 5. (3 sc, inc)*6 (30)
Rnd 6-8. (30)
Rnd 9. 10 sc, 2inc, 6 sc, 2inc, 10 sc (34)
Rnd 10. 10 sc, (1 sc, inc)*2, inc, 4 sc, inc, (inc, 1 sc)*2, 10 sc (40)
Rnd 11-12. 40 sc (40)
Rnd 13. 10 sc, (1 sc, dec)*2, dec, 4 sc, dec, (dec, 1 sc)*2, 10 sc (34)
Rnd 14. 10 sc, 2dec, 6 sc, 2dec, 10 sc (30)
Rnd 15. 7 sc, 16 sc for rear st. loops (behind the FLO loops will sew a flower), 7 sc (30)
Rnd 16-18. (30)
Rnd 19. (4 sc, inc)*6 (36)
Rnd 20. (36)
Rnd 21. (5 sc, inc)*6 (42)
Rnd 22. (42)
Rnd 23. (6 sc, inc)*6 (48)
Rnd 24-27. (48)
Rnd 28. (4 sc, dec)*8 (40)
Rnd 29. (3 sc, dec)*8 (32)
Fill the body tightly with filler.
We pay special attention to the cheeks.
We insert a round bottom cut out of plastic into the body of the duckling d = 30 mm.
Rnd 30. (2 sc, dec)*8 (24)
Rnd 31. (1 sc, dec)*8 (16)
Rnd 32. 8dec (8)

Cut the thread and hide the tip.
Glue the eyes between 8 and 9 rows, 4 loops apart. To do this, we make a small eye tightener.

Rnd 1. MR 6 sc
Rnd 2. 3inc, 3 sc (9)
Cut the thread and hide all the ends.
Turn inside out and shape into a beak.
Glue between cheeks.

Foot (2 pcs)
Rnd 1. MR 6 sc
Rnd 2. (1 sc, inc)*3 (9)
Rnd 3-4. 9 sc (9)
Rnd 5. Connect the edges and crochet 5 sc.
Cut the thread and hide the tip.
It turned out the lower part of the paw.

Next, we crochet the upper part. On the foot, make 6 sc in a circle.
Crochet 3 rows of 6 sc.
You can add some filler.
Paws are ready. Leave a long thread.
Sew to the body.

Wing (2 pcs)
Rnd 1. MR 6 sc
Rnd 2. 6inc (12)
Rnd 3-7. 12 sc (12)
Rnd 8. Connect the edges and crochet 6 sc.
Leave the thread for sewing.
Sew below the 17th row.

Leaf (10 pcs)
We crochet the leaf either immediately with the wrong side, or first with the front side, and turn it inside out after the 5th row.
Rnd 1. MR 5 sc
Rnd 2. 5 inc (10)
Rnd 3-5. 10 sc (10)
Rnd 6. 1 dec, slst.
Cut off the thread and hide the ends of all the leaf except the last one.

At the 10th leaf, we do not cut the thread and begin to connect all the other petals together with single crochet hooks on both sides of the petal. On every leaf we crochet 4 sc. Next, we connect the leaf in a circle with a connecting column.
We leave a long thread for sewing on a flower.

We sew: from below to the 15th row, from above in the center of the head, and from the sides behind the cheeks.

The tail
Cut into 10 pieces of white color about 5 cm long.

Take 2 pieces, fold them in half. Crochet the loops of the body. Attach all cuts in two rows. In the bottom row you get 6 segments, in the upper 4 segments. cut the threads to the desired length and fluff the ponytail with a needle.

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