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Amigurumi Cute Fox Free Pattern

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For the smaller Fox I used the following:

  • 3mm crochet hook
  • DK yarn in orange, black and white
  • 8mm safety eyes, small triangular nose
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing

For the larger fluffy Fox I used the following material:

  • 7mm crochet hook
  • Chunky Chenille yarn in orange, black and white.
  • 20mm button eyes, large triangular nose
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing

The instructions apply to both sized foxes, if there are any differences I’ll indicate them clearly.

Abbreviations (US)

  • MC: Magic circle
  • 2-sc inc: 2 sc in next st (increase by 1)
  • 3-sc inc: 3 sc in next st (increase by 2)
  • sc2tog: 2 sc together (decrease by 1)
  • sc3tog: 3 sc together (decrease by 2)


This pattern is made in a spiral of continuous rounds

To change color, use old color to do the first yarn over, then use new color to do the last yarn over and draw through both loops on hook to complete stitch. The stitch will count toward the old color but the following stitches will have the new color. To make it easier I’ll indicate the stitch where the color change happen with a comment (old color ➤ new color)

Let’s say the instructions are: sc x 6 (orange), sc (orange ➤ white) , sc (white)

It means sc x 6 orange, sc with orange for the first yarn over then do the second yarn over with white (still looks like an orange sc), then do one sc with white.

Body (make 1)

Row #InstructionsSts
R14-sc MC4
R23-sc inc × 412
R3sc, 3-sc inc, [sc × 2, 3-sc inc] × 3, sc20
R4sc × 2, 3-sc inc, [sc × 4, 3-sc inc] × 3, sc × 228
R5sc × 3, 3-sc inc, [sc × 6, 3-sc inc] × 3, sc × 336
R6sc × 4, 3-sc inc, [sc × 8, 3-sc inc] × 3, sc × 444
R7sc × 5, sc2tog, [sc × 9, sc2tog] × 3, sc × 440
R8-11sc × 4040
 R12 sc × 7 (orange), sc (orange ➤ white), sc × 5 (white), sc (white ➤ orange), sc × 26 (orange) 40
 R13 sc × 6 (orange), sc (orange ➤ white), sc × 7 (white), sc (white ➤ orange), sc × 25 (orange) 40
R14start with orange, sc × 4, sc3tog, sc (orange ➤ white),  sc × 5 (white), sc (white ➤ orange), continue with orange, sc3tog , [sc × 7, sc3tog] × 2, sc × 332
R15start with orange, sc × 3, sc3tog, sc (orange ➤ white), sc × 3 (white), sc (white ➤ orange), continue with orange, sc3tog, [sc × 5, sc3tog] × 2, sc × 224
Stuff well. Place eyes between R11 and R12, 6 stitch holes apart. See pictures for reference. The eyes are placed low on the body intentionally. It may look too low but trust me it looks cuter this way 🙂
R16start with orange, sc × 2, sc3tog, sc (orange ➤ white), sc  (white), sc (white ➤ orange), continue with orange, sc3tog,  [sc × 3, sc3tog] × 2, sc16
R17[sc, sc3tog] × 48

Sew the ends together to close the gap

Snout (make 1)

Start with orange yarn:

Row InstructionsSts
R15-sc MC 5
R22-sc inc, sc (orange ➤ white), 2-sc inc (white), sc (white ➤ orange), 2-sc inc8
R3start with orange, sc, 2-sc inc,  sc (orange ➤ white), [2-sc inc, sc, 2-sc inc] (white), sc (white ➤ orange), 2-sc inc (orange)12

Do one slip stitch with orange then finished off, leaving a long tail from both the orange and white yarn. Later we will be using both yarn tails to sew it into the fox body. Insert the nose into the center of the magic circle. Stuff.

Ears (make 2)

Row #InstructionsSts
R1With black yarn: 5-sc MC5
 Switch to  orange yarn 
R22-sc inc, sc, 2-sc inc, sc, 2-sc inc8
R3[sc, 2-sc inc] × 412
R4[sc × 3, 2-sc inc] × 315
R5[sc × 4, 2-sc inc] × 318
R6sc × 1818

Leave long tail. Do not stuff

Sew the end of the ears together flat as shown in the picture:


Tail (make 1)

Row #InstructionsSts
R1Start with white yarn: 5-sc MC5
R22-sc inc × 510
R3sc × 1010
R4[2-sc inc, sc × 4] × 212
 Switch to orange yarn color 
R5[2-sc inc, sc × 2] × 416
R6[2-sc inc, sc × 3] × 420
R7-8sc × 2020
R9[sc2tog, sc × 3] × 416
R10sc × 1616
R11[sc2tog, sc × 2] × 412
R12-13sc × 1212
R14[sc2tog, sc × 2] × 39
R15sc × 99
R16[sc2tog, sc] × 35

Leave long tail. Stuff very lightly don’t over-stuff.

Legs (make 4)

Row #InstructionsSts
R1Start with black yarn: 5-sc MC5
R22-sc inc × 510
R3sc × 1010
 Switch to orange yarn color 
R4 – 7sc × 1010

Leave long tail. Do not stuff



Start by attaching the snout on the fox body between the eyes. The snout is placed on R10 at the top and R13 at the bottom. The white side should be at the bottom as in the picture. Use the orange yarn tail to attach the snout to the orange parts, use the white yarn tail to attach the snout to the white parts of the body. This way it looks more seamless.


Attach the unstuffed legs to the bottom of the fox body. You can place them as you wish. You can see how I prefer to place them in the picture on the left. Tip, use pins to see how they look like before you sew them in. Also note that I also attach the middle of the leg to the body so it stays flat to the body. So it’s not just attached on one end to the body.


Attach the tail at the back of the body on R11 and R12. If you want the tail to wrap around the body a bit more attach the tail a bit more to the body on the side. as per the picture.


Attach the ears so one end is on R3 and the other end is on R8. For extra cuteness place them so they curve a little as per the following two pictures.


Note that the other end of the ear is placed a bit further back on the side. This side view shows it better.


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