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Today we share Amigurumi Charming Dog Free Pattern for you. As you know we share new free amigurumi pattern every day. The main crochets are gazelle, amigurumi bear, pola, crochet panda, penguin, giraffe, llama, pig, bunny, clown, lamb, bee, crochet unicorn, amigurumi doll, fox, penguin, dinosaur, crochet elephant, hippo, monkey, crochet cat, crochet dog and more …
Todays daily new amigurumi free crochet pattern is Amigurumi Charming Dog.
I want to give you some informations about this amigurumi free pattern ; Charming Dog.

Amigurumi Charming Dog Free Pattern

To work you will need:
-Yellow yarn (2018-year of the Yellow earthen dog),
 -Needles (with a big ear and usual),
 -Threads for the sewing of eyes,
 -Eye beads.
 -Thin tube for stuffing of legs and tail (I used the old rod from the ballpoint pen),
 -a bit of black wool and a needle for felting the spout (but you can sew, glue or tie the spout).

I knitted dogs from cotton yarn Alize Cotton Gold (100 g/330 m) and acrylic yarn “Pekhorka Children’s volumetric” (50g/200m). The height of the toy is approximately 8-9 cm.

VP-Air Loop
SS-Connecting Column
RVN-Non-scale pillar
UB-(Ubavka) to bring 2 SBN together
PR-(Increase) 2 RVN in one loop
*-Repeat the specified number of times
The number in parentheses shows how many loops there should be in that row.

Amigurumi Charming Dog Free Pattern

If the yellow thread you only one Hank, start with knitting handles (they will then need to be inserted into the semi-bound torso).
Leave the long end of the thread (40-50 cm). Knit chain 3 EAP.
Insert the hook into the second loop from the hook and the connecting column.

The second SS is put on the third loop from the hook (the first loop of knitting). The first finger was turned out.

We dial 2 air loops.

Enter the hook into the second loop from the hook and the SS. Then enter the hook under two loops (indicated on the photo arrows)-The extreme loop of the first finger and the initial loop knitting.

The SS. The second finger was turned out.

Again we dial 2 air loops, in the second from a hook we projaziem SS. Then enter the hook under 3 loops (indicated on the photo arrows)-The extreme loop of the second finger, the extreme loop of the first finger and the initial loop knitting.

The SS. The third finger was turned.
Now knit the handle (cord). Make the scum left by the long end of the thread, hook the main thread and push the two loops together, again do the scum etc.

It is possible to fasten about 25-27 loops (that then this cord could be made by a knot). Fix the thread. Trim the ends, leaving 7-8 cm, so that they were comfortable to hook up when we insert the handles.

1 row: 6 SBN in “Amaguumi ring”, Knit in a circle
2 Series: (PR, 2 SBN) * 2 (8);
3 row: 8 SBN;
4 series: (PR, 3 SBN,) * 2 (10);
5 row: 10 SBN.
 At the first leg trim and stretch the thread, fasten.
The second leg is not doomed to thread. We dial 5 VP, insert the hook in the first leg in the place where the thread was fastened, do the SBN, connecting the foot and chain of the air loops, and continue to knit columns without a scale around the first leg (only 10 SBN).

Then knit along the jumper of the air loops, hooking loops over the top edge (5 SBN).

We go to the second leg and tie it (10 SBN).

Again knit along the jumper (5 SBN). Make sure not to form holes between the poles in the joints of the legs and the EAP. If there is a hole, it is better to touch it with an extra column.

Continuing to knit in a circle, make a raise from the sides of the trunk. Knit around the leg 5 SBN, a raise, and then on the circle to the other side, there, too, make a raise. In principle, columns can be not counted, but to define places of an increase “on an eye” that they were more or less symmetrical. I knit 2 rows with increments (only 4 increments-2 on each side), but it is possible and 3-4 series of increments (the dog will be thicker).

Then knit straight without increments 8-9 rows. Tying several rows, stuffing the legs. Stuffing tightly so that the dog could stand. For stuffing of legs it is convenient to use any thin tube. I’m compacting the filler with the old rod from the ballpoint pen.
In order not to lose, I note the thread trimming the side from which I begin to make the Ubavki.

We’re doing a side-by-row kill. When you reduce the two columns together, grabbing only the front walls of the loops (Ubavki will be less noticeable).

Having made 2-3 Ubavki, insert handles. We pull the hook outwards between the posts, stretch the ends of the thread, and then draw the hand for them to the cord passed into the hole.

Check the symmetry of the handles.

Inside tie cord knot.

Before you tighten the knots, check again whether the handles are the same in length, symmetrical. If necessary, turn the handle in the hole (after stuffing to correct the wrong position will be almost impossible)

We continue to knit with Ubavkami in each second row, until the circumference of the neck will not remain 24 bars. Stuffing the torso.

Then reduce each row by 6 times:
(2 SBN, UB) * 6 = 18
(1 SBN, UB) * 6 = 12
UB * 6 = 6

When there are 6 loops, trim and fix the thread, and sew the hole: we get a needle through the outer edge of all six loops and bind.

If these loops on top of the top too vypirat, it is possible, at a decrease to leave not 6, and 7-8 loops. Fix and hide the end of the thread.

1 row: 4 SBN, VP;
2-7 Series: 3 SBN, VP;
8th row: 3sbn put together
I’m tying my ears straight to my head. Leave the long end of the thread for tying the edge (not less than 50-60 cm). On the head of the dog under the third next to the middle of the Crown choose 4 gaps between the columns in which we will engage the ears. Select the gaps so that the ears are symmetrical. Enter the hook from the bottom up in the right gap and we touch the column without the scum.

Then knit the SBN in the next interval, etc.. All we have to do is 4 SBN.

Knit 1 loop lifting, flip and knit 3 sbn in the gaps between the columns of 1 row, one loop lifting, again flip, etc. (if you want ears wider, you can make a raise).

Knit 7 rows, in the 8 row of the bars are not completely, leaving the loops on the hook, then we push all the loops together, fasten and trim the thread, hiding the tip.

The long thread left in advance in the beginning, we tie an ear on perimeter of SBN.

Similarly knit the second ear.

1 row: 6 SBN in “Amaguumi ring”, Knit in a circle
2 Series: (PR, SBN) * 6 (12);
3 Series: (PR, 3 SBN) * 3 (15);
4 series: (PR, 4 SBN) * 3 (18);
Trim and stretch the thread, fasten.
We Prishivayem face, in the process of prishvanija slightly stuffing filler.
My muzzle turned round, you can change its shape, varying the number of rows and increments.

1 row: 6 SBN in “Amaguumi ring”, Knit in a circle
2 Series: (PR, SBN) * 6 (12);
Further knitting on a circle of approximately 12-13 series (through every 3-4 series I make a ubroku that the tail did not look too massive), cut and stretch the thread, fasten.

We fill tightly (that the dog could stand, leaning on a tail) and Prishivayem.

Sew up eyes, Privalem or embroider a spout.

That’s it! 

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